MyScale with video 600x278We have looked at smart scales in the past, most recently the CES 2016 Innovation Award-winning QardioBase that measures weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water and bone composition, sending data via Bluetooth to your tablet or phone app where it also calculates (Body Mass Index) BMI.

BewellConnect‘s MyScale Analyzer matches the onboard features of QardioBase and takes its place with the full range of BewellConnect devices including several we’ve covered here such as MyTensio, MyThermo, MyGluco, and others. The MyScale Analyzer retail price when it goes on sale later in Q1 2016 will be $129, slightly less than the QardioBase’s $150.

As with the other devices in the BewellConnect family, you can monitor the data from the MyScale Analyzer using a app that also works with other BewellConnect devices. The scale measures Body Mass Index (BMI), fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass, water mass, and of course, weight. The advantages of a single app to monitor and report based on data from several measurement devices is ease of use (it’s simpler to learn how to use one app, rather than master separate apps for each device). With an increasingly common condition such as Metabolic Syndrome which includes obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, the BewellConnect family has devices for measuring three of the four (weight, hypertension, and blood glucose), which augments the value of each device.

The BewellConnect smartphone app can also direct you to the nearest hospital, physician, health club, or fitness coaches based on location data from the smartphone’s GPS. Another feature of the MyScale Analyzer section of the smartphone app matches your food intake and exercise with a desired weight goal.

In the absence of category-wide data reporting standards, using a device that is part of a system of devices with aggregated data monitoring software adds to ease of use and the overall value of the information.