QardioBase CES award

Everything is getting smart these days, even the traditional bathroom scale. New models measure more than just weight, and instead of a spinning dial of digits, the results are wirelessly beamed to your smartphone or tablet. One of these space age scales, the QardioBase, has been given a CES 2016 Innovation Award.

As we mention when we covered the QardioBase earlier this year, it measures your weight, but it also measures muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water and bone composition. The information is sent by Bluetooth to a paired smartphone or tablet where it can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). It works with both Android and iOS devices, and you can track the results for more than one person. And if you don’t like facing cold, heartless numbers first thing in the morning, you can set the app to report your progress towards your goals with smiley or frowny faces.

The device also stores your data securely in the Cloud, and you can choose to share the results with family or healthcare professionals. It also integrates with the Apple HealthKit. The QardioBase is available directly from the company website for $150.