Expanding Production of Automated Drug Delivery System

SmartDose Update

Almost a year ago, we described the SmartDose system from West Pharmaceutical Services. This is a battery-powered system that patients can adhere to their skin, and the device will automatically administered predetermined doses of medication. This increases patient compliance with treatment plans, which can lead to better outcomes as well as being more convenient. And since it does not require a healthcare professional to administer each dose, it can also reduce costs.

This smart patch has completed initial trials with humans, and the drug vial component has already received FDA approval. In anticipation of growing demand for the system, West has announced that it is expanding its manufacturing capacity for the SmartDose device. Production facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona and Israel are scaling up to meet anticipated orders. According to West, the company already has shipped more than 100,000 units for pharmaceutical manufacturers for development and clinical trial projects.

This represents a big step toward further automation of precision medical treatment through the use of convenient, compact, and mobile wearable devices. It is part of the movement designed to put patients more in control of their lives as they deal with illness and medical treatment.

Hat Helps Cancer Patients Keep Their Hair [video]


Among the many miracles of modern medicine, the increasing survival rate of cancer patients has to be one of the most amazing. Treatments often combine surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to help beat back the attack of cancer cells. One common side-effect of these treatments, however, is that all fast-growing cells are attacked in the process, […]

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They Track Horses, Don’t They? [video]


When it comes to the “quantified self” movement, humans aren’t the only ones who can track their health and fitness information. SeeHorse is a company that has created a wearable Health Tech device for horses. When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. The average horse represents a significant financial investment by […]

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Dell: the Doctor Is In

Dell - van Terheyden

You can find “Doctors” throughout the technology industry, but the vast majority of them (like me) have Ph.D. degrees. These are not necessarily the people you want to summon when you start having a health emergency at a restaurant. You’re much more likely to find that there’s “a doctor in the house” at many of […]

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App Pairs with Smartwatch to Detect Seizures [video]

Senior Woman Calling Ambulance

Part of the wearable Health Tech device revolution is that we have have more information available about what’s going on with our bodies than ever before. All sorts of new applications become possible as people figure out new ways to use this information. A perfect example is a smartphone app called Neutun that is designed to […]

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Wearables Combine to Address Limited Vision


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Technology has made some amazing things possible, but the true power comes from the synergy you get by combining different components. Zuby Onwuta is a researcher based in Austin, Texas, who has taken some separate products to create a system called Think&Zoom to help individuals with […]

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Yellow Dot Summons Help after Crash

IceDot Crash Detector

Today’s digital communication devices make it easy to get help in the event of an emergency, but what happens if you’re involved in an accident and cannot call for help? Automotive systems such as OnStar feature automatic crash response, and now there’s a wearable that can provide similar support. The ICEdot Crash Sensor attaches to your […]

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Why Measure Just Steps?


Lots of products are designed to help runners track their exercise: steps taken, speed, distance, and more. But the next generation of wearable Health Tech devices intended for runners are taking it up a notch to include information intended to prevent or detect injury. One example is the Stridalyzer smart insole system from ReTiSense. These […]

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Smart Pill Delivers Drugs Where Needed [video]

Drugs are one of the many miracles of modern medicine; they can provide safe and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions ranging from a simple headache to a life-threatening illness. One problem is that the different parts of the body have totally different chemical makeups, and it can be difficult to get a […]

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New Fabric Is Also the Sensor [video]

Footfalls and Hearbeats

If you’ve ever had an injury where you needed to have a leg or an arm wrapped with an elastic compression bandage, you have probably experienced firsthand the biggest problem with this treatment. “Is that too tight? Is it too loose?” The person applying the wrap has to guess about the correct tension; too much […]

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