CES 2015: Non-Contact Thermometer Fights Ebola


About ten years ago, a father in France wanted to take his baby’s temperature, but didn’t want to wake his child. From this experience arose the company Visiomed and the ThermoFlash non-contact thermometer. The company displayed their latest version of the product at CES 2015. The pistol-shaped device is easy to use; just aim it at the temporal artery on the side of the subject’s head at distance of about two inches and pull the trigger. In a second or less, you get an accurate reading within 0.2 degrees Celsius. That’s about one-third of a degree in Fahrenheit.

The device maintains this accuracy in spite of changing room temperature. As a result, it is suitable for clinical use both indoors and outside in field conditions.

The fact that no contact is required is an important feature, especially when dealing with infectious diseases. This is exactly the situation faced by healthcare workers who are fighting Ebola in Africa. They do not risk transmitting the disease when using the device, and they do not need to disinfect it between uses which speeds up screening and diagnosis efforts. The company has provided thousands of the ThermoFlash units to the World Health Organization and other groups. This helps the workers track the outbreaks of the disease, as fever is one of the important diagnostic features to monitor.

CES 2015: Wireless System Helps Seniors at Home [video]


Countries around the world face a growing elderly population. Once of the challenges is to keep healthcare costs down for this group, while also affording them the opportunity to live as independently as they choose. Providing security and health monitoring for seniors living alone in their homes is a complex and tricky problem. MobileHelp is a […]

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CES 2015: A New Look for Smart Glasses [video]


Smart glasses are for nerds. They look goofy, and they’re incredibly expensive, and it’s not clear what the use case is for the average consumer. But not all smart glasses are the same. JINS is a company that is not yet well know in the United States, but it is one of the leading eyeglass […]

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CES 2015: Sensors Guide Lower Back Health [video]

Valedo back sensor

Hocoma is a Swiss-based company that has developed robotic exoskeletons for use in hospitals and other clinical settings for rehabilitation treatment. They have taken the knowledge that they have gained about neurological movement disorders and applied it to therapy for low back pain. The result is a system designed for consumers that helps increase range […]

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CES 2015: New Approach for Fertility Monitor


When couples want to have a child, the woman sometimes has difficulty getting pregnant. One of the common approaches to improving the odds of conceiving is to track the woman’s body temperature, with the idea that this can indicate when ovulation occurs. There are several limitations to this approach, however. The standard practice is to take a resting […]

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CES 2015: Taking the Emotiv Insight for a Test Drive

Emotiv headband

Why is this man smiling? No, he has not been assimilated by the Borg. He just won a car race, simply by thinking about it. Last summer, I wrote about the Insight wireless headset from Emotiv. It is capable of sensing brain activity, and has many applications including helping ALS patients interact with and control […]

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CES 2015: Wearable Sensors for Clinical Patient Monitoring

HealthPatch MD

Last summer, we wrote about the HealthPatch from Vital Connect. I got a chance to meet representatives from the company and see the product firsthand at the ShowStoppers press event at CES 2015.  HealthPatch MD is a wearable sensor package that is not aimed at consumers, but rather at healthcare and medical organizations. It is […]

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CES 2015: Epson Adds Fitness Watches

Epson RunSense

At CES 2015, Epson showed their new series of Runsense exercise watches. As we mentioned last fall, Epson has shown signs of making a serious foray into the wearables market, and these new products expand on that effort. The company showed three models of the Runsense watches, but the one of particular interest is the […]

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CES 2015: Smart Insoles Can Give You a Hot Foot [video]

Gagla smart shoe

Sure, that fitness band of yours can tell you (approximately) how many steps you’ve taken, but can it do anything about your cold feet? I didn’t think so. Glagla is a French company that has created the Digitsole, a smart shoe insert that does more than track your exercise. It can keep count of your […]

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CES 2015: The ReWalk Exoskeleton in Person

ReWalk Display

Last summer, we covered the news that the ReWalk exoskeleton received FDA approval for personal use in the United States. This year, at the ShowStoppers press event at CES 2015, I got the opportunity to see the product in person, and chat with some of the folks from ReWalk Robotics. If you’re not familiar with […]

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