Microsoft Band 2: Improved Health & Fitness Monitoring [video]

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft announced its Band 2 today in New York. The wearable comes with many improvements to the overall look of the device and its features.

Cosmetic changes include a curved AMOLED display with a flexible band. The screen is made of Gorilla Glass 3 and is scratch resistant and is touch-sensitive. Similar to other fitness trackers, Microsoft Band 2 monitors heart rate, sleep, exercises, and calories. And like smart watches, it provides notifications about text messages, emails, and calendar alerts. It also has a barometer to measure elevation for hiking and stair climbing, UV monitoring capabilities, VO2 max recording to capture the amount of oxygen body can process in a minute, and an automatic golf shot detection. Microsoft Band 2 incorporates a total of 11 sensors . The companion app has been redesigned to provide more information to users allowing them to make necessary adjustments and improve. Microsoft Band 2 can also has Cortana, a virtual personal assistant, that responds to spoken commands so that users to retrieve information and give commands without touching the device. The Band works with many other apps including Uber, Facebook, and Lose It, making digital communications more convenient for the wearer throughout the day.

Microsoft Band 2 can be pre-ordered as of now and will be available on October 30th, according to the company, and is priced at $249. It joins a crowded market, but the additional features may add convenience to the list of reasons to own one, which could give it an advantage over the traditional fitness bands.

Lumo BodyTech To Launch Running Gear to Reduce Injuries

Lumo Run

The smart clothing is getting more crowded by the day. Most smart clothes available today are geared towards sports and fitness, measuring basic vital signs and fitness related information. Some smart clothes focus on preventing back and spine injuries. To this growing list, add Lumo Run from Palo Alto-based Lumo BodyTech. About a month ago, we […]

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Smart Glove Bridges Worlds


One of the key functions for humans is communication. When you lack one or more of your senses, such as the ability to hear sounds, communications can become a great deal more challenging. People who can’t hear often learn sign language, in which hand gestures can represent the letters of the alphabet, individual words, or […]

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Personal Wearable Sensors to Prevent Injuries


Health and fitness are in vogue. Consumers follow health plans, go to gyms to train, use wearables to track their daily exercises, and invest time and money to ensure they are fit. This trend has also led to injuries caused due to incorrect training processes and postures. Ollinfit is a personal wearable trainer that helps people understand […]

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Smart Shirt for Back Pain Relief


Technology can have both good and bad impacts. Forexample, computers make it easier to get work done, manage records better, and engage in social networking, among other things. One of the downsides is that computer has has restricted the movement of people. Many of us sit for hours at a time, hunched over in one position. This has led to multiple problems […]

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Electricity from the Airwaves


Perpetual motion machines cannot exist, at least according to the Laws of Thermodynamics. Eventually, the energy will leak out and the machine will stop. But if you can provide a machine with an endless external source of energy — such as the sun — it could run forever (or at least until the sun runs […]

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Wearable Health Sensors to Focus on Posture and Movement

Wearable health devices, sensors, and patches are seeing an explosive growth in terms of innovation and design. According to the campus newspaper ‘The Daily Aztec,” the Smart Health Institute at San Diego State is working on wireless sensors to measure movement and posture in healthy people. While the main purpose of the sensors may be […]

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Heart Monitor at Your Fingertips [video]


Some fitness bands and smartwatches can monitor your heartbeat, but sometimes you need to know more about how your circulatory system is operating. Your heart rate alone may not tell the whole story. MOCAheart is a new device created by MOCACARE, a company based in Palo Alto, California. The sleek metal object is about a […]

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Clinicloud Connected Healthcare Devices At BestBuy

Imagine that you could plug a module into your smartphone with a simple cable, and it would turn into a digital stethoscope. Or that another module could wirelessly measure the temperature of a person without even touching their skin. This is not magic; this is what the new CliniCloud can do. The product is set to ship […]

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Tele-health Monitors Help Patients Lower Blood Pressure

Withings BP meter

The American Medical Group Foundation (AMGF) has released the results of a pilot study led by its Measure Up/Pressure Down campaign to combat hypertension. The study showed an improvement in blood pressure control rates from 38.6% to 70.0% over an 18-month period. How did they achieve this improvement? 150 patients were given a Withings Wireless Blood […]

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