My Gluco with video button 600 x 271

Approximately 30 million adults and children in the U.S. have diabetes, with another 86 million estimated to be prediabetic. Once someone is diagnosed with the disease, regular blood glucose measurements are necessary, as often as four to eight times a day. It’s sad that many people who are prediabetic or who develop Type II diabetes could possibly mitigate or totally avoid the condition with better lifestyle habits, but the fact is that for people with diabetes, anything that can make it easier to get blood sugar readings and maintain the records to show health professionals and teach the patient how to manage the disease is valuable. In the past we’ve written about other blood glucose readers and management solutions from Royal Philips and DexCom.

BewellConnect‘s MyGluco Smart Blood Sugar Reader, available early 2016, is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered and European Commission (EC) approved device used to read, analyze, store, and reportglucose levels for people with diabetes. MyGluco is a two piece system, including a lancet and a meter. A blood test strip is first inserted into the lancet and used to get the blood sample. The removable strip is then inserted into the meter, where blood sugar is analyzed and calculated within six seconds, according to the company. The meter automatically syncs with the BewellConnect application on iOS or Android Smartphones. The meter records up to 450 readings and has an LCD display that shows not only blood glucose level but also daily average and has alerts and alarms. The BewellConnect application uses World Health Organization (WHO) color-coded readings and can communicate and share data with your healthcare team if needed. You can create a diary of blood glucose readings and insulin injections with room for comments. The app can help you locate alternate test sites if you don’t want to use a finger and it can also help you determine your optimal blood sugar levels based on the type of food you are eating. With the BewellConnect app, which includes information from any BewellConnect Sensors and devices you use and have installed, you can chart your testing over time, set appointment reminders, and even locate the closest medical professionals if you have an urgent situation.

Speeding up and simplifying blood glucose readings has the potential of increased quality of life for millions of people in the United States alone. Diabetes Type I and II aren’t going away soon so improved data collection, management, and reporting are increasingly important. Incorporating the data with other health indicators may hold clues for teaching and motivating lifestyle adjustments for persons with Type II Diabetes and aid Type I patients with self-care management.