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We’ve looked at several innovative technologies for measuring body temperature including the e-Celcius Performance pill, the STEMP Smart Temperature Patch, and the Vivalnk eSkin Thermometer. Each of these devices has unique applications, but in each case there has to be body contact, even if just briefly. Touching can be bothersome at times, especially when people don’t feel well, and even more especially with sick kids. How about an accurate body temperature reading solution that requires no contact?

Visiomed’s MyThermo BW-CX10 is a touch-less heat sensor with applications beyond body temperature. MyThermo is an infared detector that uses Visiomed’s own MicroSecond Flash technology to obtain a temperature reading by comparing ambient air temperature with energy emitted from the temporal artery, which according to the manufacturer, is more accurate and certainly easier and less invasive for both the patient and reader than oral, rectal, armpit, or ear canal readings. To use MyThermo, you aim it at the right side of the forehead, 3-5 cm (roughly 1-2 inches) from the skin and press a button. In less than a second the temperature registers on the device and transfers via Bluetooth 4.0 to an iOS or Android smartphone with the BewellConnect application (about which we have written previously). MyThermo is one of a family of Bewell Connect devices approved for sale in Europe and the U.S. with the respective CE mark and FDA 510K exempt registration.

In addition to taking body temperature, there are also settings to measure room, bath, bottle, food, and material surface temperature. The BewellConnect app also has a button to find the closest physician, pediatrician, or hospital anywhere in the world in case you need urgent medical attention.

Just as there are many roads to Damascus, there are multiple ways to measure body temperature. The appeal of MyThermo is its noninvasive technology, accuracy, and community of various measurement devices that all report to and can be managed by the same smartphone app.