Having a sick child is no fun. Struggling with a child in order to get a temperature reading is no fun, either, but you need to get the information in order to make decisions about home treatment or about consulting a healthcare professional. Vivalnk is a company that has come up with a solution. The eSkin Thermometer is a “tattoo” that sticks to your child’s skin, and you can then read the temperature by simply placing your smartphone next to the sticker.

The device uses near-field communications (NFC) to make a wireless connection. The radio signal from the phone powers the sticker, so there are no batteries to run down. Just hold your NFC-compatible phone next to the tattoo for about three seconds to get a reading. You can even do it without waking your child. The adhesive is designed so that the sticker can be worn around the clock, and even reused up to four or five times. The device measures the skin temperature but according to company representatives, the algorithms in the companion app extrapolate this to report a core body temperature. The app also can store temperature readings so that you can track changes over time.

The Vivalink eSkin Thermometer is scheduled to ship later this year.