Withings non-contact

We’ve covered a variety of electronic thermometers (including this one from Visiomed) in the past, but they keep on coming. These devices are convenient and quick to use and are getting smarter and more accurate, while remaining affordable.

At CES 2016, I saw a new electronic thermometer from Withings, a maker of connected health devices. Unlike some devices that can read the temperature from a distance, you need to hold the Withings Thermo gently against your temple. One of the interesting features of this item is that it includes a matrix of 16 individual infrared sensors. Within two seconds, it takes 4,000 separate measurements, and then it identifies the hottest spot. It gives haptic feedback (a vibration) when the reading is complete. The temperature is displayed right on the device. It connects to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, where you can record the readings over time, as well as add time-stamped notes about symptoms and medications. This data can later be shared with others, including your doctor, caregivers, or family members.

The Thermo won CES 2016 Innovation Awards for “Fitness & Biotech” and for “Tech for a better world.” It is scheduled to ship in March 2016, and currently has a list price of $99.95. It is also rated to last about two years in normal use on a pair of standard AA batteries.