Eustress, or good stress, helps us stay productive, engage in work and family activities, and focus our energy. Malstress, the bad kind, can have the opposite effects. When malstress is bad enough, it can lead to severe mental health issues primarily associated with anxiety and depression. We’ve written about various technologies developed to lessen stress, such as VR treatments, stress sensor balls, and stress management apps for wearables. Netherlands-based Ayavaya claims that its stress reduction booth — the Ayavaya Pod — washes stress away in 20 minutes by combining multiple techniques.

The Ayavaya Pod employs four relaxation and stress reduction therapies. During a 20-minute session, the Pod treatment includes water-based Shirada head massage, Binaural Beats Sound therapy, aroma therapy, and light therapy. The Pod applies the treatments simultaneously, which Ayavaya claims leads to a state of deep meditation. An associated app creates user stress profiles, customizes Pod treatments, and recommends reading material and additional treatments. According to the company, when 300 plus paying guests at Fletcher Hotels had Ayavaya Pod sessions, more than 50% signed up for more treatments.

Ayavaya doesn’t expect to sell the Pod for home use because it’s too expensive. The company sells the Ayavaya Pod for $25K or leases it for 3 years for $750 a month. Ayavaya targets placements in locations such as spas, health clubs, hotels, and corporate fitness facilities.