Stress, anxiety, and burnout are some of the top healthcare issues of today. Penumbra, Inc. – a global healthcare company focused on developing innovative solutions to address medical conditions with unmet needs – has introduced a VR solution for mental health care providers

The REAL Immersive System i-Series consists of a VR-enabled headset with intuitive gaze navigation and gaze-based experiences and activities. The series also includes REAL Connect which enhances the experience of users by allowing them to socially connect with other users. It allows users to share their VR-based activities with others through a web-based portal. The feature also enables access to one-to-one, real-time video and audio communication to help individuals build social connectedness.

Real-i series apps and experiences have been designed to offer tools for cognitive activation, reminiscence therapy, mindfulness therapy, distraction therapy, and relaxation therapy. The series includes over 10 hours of content, including the Serene Lake app and 360-degree video instructor-guided and self-guided travel and nature experiences. Experiences include world traveler, serene lake, guided mindfulness, beach retreats, underwater adventures, and wildlife encounters. 

The VR solution has been designed for care providers who support people with depression, anxiety, loneliness, pain, discomfort, and challenges related to cognition and mental wellbeing secondary to aging. The series is useful in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, and senior living communities. VR solutions like this could reduce the prevalence of poor mental health and help solve challenges related to the aging population.