The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) named BioIntelliSense‘s BioButton medical-grade digital biosensor patch as a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree, The BioButton scored the same award at CES 2021 following the device’s original launch in 2020. BioIntelliSense scored the second award for the FDA-cleared BioButton’s continued development for cost-effective continuous biometric monitoring from in-hospital to at-home. BioIntellisense also added Medtronic to its partnership and collaboration roster in 2022.

The BioButton patch reports vital signs including parameters that measure additional factors such as sleep tracking, body position, gait analysis, and infection-like symptom alerts up to 1,440 times per day. It’s becoming more common for clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare groups to use smart patches such as the BioButton and Zio Health’s Zio Patch for continuous monitoring. BioIntellisense partnered with eCare21 in 2021 and with Medically Home and AlertWatch in 2022. Medtronic’s strategic partnership with BioIntelliSense grants the former exclusive distribution rights for the BioButton in the U.S.

According to Frank Chan, the president of Medtronic’s Patient Monitoring business, “Our vision is to empower clinicians and patients with actionable insights to personalize care — anytime, anywhere. Today, our solutions touch more than 100 million patients annually in hospitals. Through our collaboration with BioIntelliSense, we will support continuous, connected care from in-hospital to home and expand our reach to help more patients in more places than ever before.”