CES 2021, the first all-digital version of the annual technology event will run January 11-14. We expect to read and hear about a multitude of new health and medical technologies. Technology we covered previously also is in the CEW 2021 news. BioIntellisense is a continuous monitoring and clinical intelligence company; it has won a CES 20201 Best of Innovation award for its BioButton disposable medical-grade wearable and analytics platform. We wrote about the BioButton in May, soon after its introduction.

The BioButton is an update to the BioSticker, introduced in January of this year. The BioSticker is a single-use wearable that monitors vital signs including respiratory rate, heart rate at rest, skin temperature, body position, activity levels, sleep status, high-resolution gait analysis, fall detection, and symptomatic events for up to 30 days, The BioButton tripled the BioSticker’s duration of service to 90 days, which is a very big deal any time, but especially this year.

BioIntellisense developed BioSticker and BioButton specifically for the company’s data-as-a-service platform for remote patient monitoring. During this year of tumultuous pandemic upheaval, tripling the time between patient and healthcare provider contact to replace a disposable wearable device is a significant benefit. The BioButton makes remote patient monitoring more practical. Seeing trends in medical data leads to early detection of significant changes in a patient’s condition. And this system minimizes contact between patient and healthcare workers, reducing their potential exposure to COVID-19 infection.

The BioButton’s Best of Innovation award is significant for advancing RPM and for protecting high-risk groups from viral infection through personal contact.