The global demand for solutions to test for COVID-19 continues to produce results. We’ve written about several technology implementations that monitor biomarkers relevant to the pandemic virus. Earlier this year, we wrote about Denver-based BioIntellisense Inc.’s data-as-a-service platform for remote patient monitoring. BioIntelligence introduced the BioSticker, an FDA-cleared single-use wearable medical-grade sensor that can operate for up to 30 days.

BioSticker’s sensor payload measures respiratory rate, heart rate at rest, skin temperature, body position, activity levels, sleep status, high-resolution gait analysis, fall detection, and symptomatic events. At the time of introduction — short months before the pandemic — the BioIntellisense platform was hailed for its potential to reduce hospitalizations and emergency department visits and shorten hospital stays.

BioItellisense is back with an impressive follow-up to the BioStcker. In the first week of May, the company introduced the BioButton, a new format coin-sized disposable medical-grade wearable that works for up to 90 days, tripling the BioSticker’s duration of service. BioIntellisense’s new device not only extends the potential for remote patient monitoring but also has a previously unforeseen benefit. As the U.S. and other countries try to return to regular activity, BioIntellisense CEO James Mault suggests the BioButton may have a mass-market role in monitoring the safe return to work or school.