The 2022 BioIntellisense acquisition of AlertWatch underscores two of the most common themes in digital healthcare these days. We’ve seen a huge increase in remote patient monitoring (RPM) applications. We’ve also written about consolidation in health tech landscape as clinical-grade devices and digital health platforms continue to mature. BioIntellisense and AlertWatch are both established companies in continuous health and patient monitoring.

BioIntellisense supports medical-grade remote patient monitoring with wearable devices that capture patient vital signs and clinical data. The BioIntellisense Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform includes comprehensive data analytics that draw from RPM data. electronic medical records (EMRs), and current symptoms. AlertWatch’s clinical data management intelligence and triage system has FDA clearance for use in operating rooms, intensive care units, and labor and delivery suites. AlertWatch has a triage dashboard that supports clinical decision-making with advanced analytics and alerts. According to a news release about the acquisition, the AlertWatch platform has assisted with more than 25,000 births and over 1 million surgeries. Company studies that compare the AlertWatch system for operating rooms report that, compared to surgeries without AlertWatch, patients with AlertWatch-assisted surgery went home one day earlier and incurred $3,603 lower charges.

Using the BioButton wearable sensor with the AlertWatch system advances BioIntelliSense’s reach to monitor patients when they’re in the hospital and when they return home. This consolidation is an exciting example of digital health entity consolidation and suggests we’re going to see many more mergers and partnerships of companies with remote monitoring devices and platforms.