We often write about partnering and collaboration among entities in the digital health industry. Recent examples include Sutter Health’s partnership with Docent Health to further a virtual mental health platform for young people. The Mayo Clinic and Eko are collaborating on a handheld device that uses AI algorithms to diagnose cardiac problems. We’ve also covered technology companies and retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy making moves that indicate their interest in healthcare industries.

Best Buy’s Best Buy Health division recently jumped deeper into the healthcare water with its new Lively brand. Lively’s primary device is the Lively Smart, a low-cost smartphone to use with Lively Health & Safety Package subscription plans for active aging seniors. We’ve written about Lively devices and services before but under a different name. The company name was GreatCall and its primary devices were the Jitterbug Smart and Jitterbug Flip. Best Buy acquired GreatCall last year, and Best Buy Health introduced the Lively Flip.

The Lively Smart sells for $150. Its 6.2-inch display opens with a large text screen with a simple interface that helps users find the essential services they seek such as phone calls, text messages, internet browsing, email, maps and directions. Depending on the user’s Lively Health & Safety subscription plan, the user also can access a number of health and safety support services. With the $20 per month Basic Plan, users have one-touch access to an Urgent Response service. Users with the Preferred Plan, $25 a month, can also access an Urgent Care team and use Lively Link. Lively Link is an app that to keep the user’s family and friends informed about their health and safety. With the $35 monthly Ultimate Plan users also can access a Personal Operator. The Personal Operator performs personal functions for the user such as finding phone numbers, setting up rides, and giving driving directions. Lively collaborates with Lyft for ride share bookings. There’s also an optional Fall Detection service that sends help when it senses a fall.

The growing menu of Lively Services indicates that Best Buy Health could be open for even further partnerships and collaboration. The growing mix of retail chains such as CVS and now Best Buy that provide direct care is an interesting shift in U.S. health care delivery. We’re intrigued to see how far this type of collaboration will go.