GreatCall senior phones

For better or worse, smartphones have changed the social landscape. They provide easy access to communications, information, and other useful functions. Seniors cannot always take advantage of these features, due to small buttons or touch areas, confusing user interfaces, and a bewildering array of choices.

GreatCall is a company that is addressing this problem. They are announcing two new phones designed specifically with the needs of older users in mind. The Jitterbug Smart has a large screen with a custom user interface that offers limited functions with large type labels. It also supports speech to text, so that the user doesn’t have to use the touchscreen keyboard to type text messages. The Jitterbug Flip is a flip phone with extra large buttons, making it easier to dial. Both phones have camera functions. One special feature that they both share is the GreatCall “5Star” system; this is a 24/7 emergency service that lets the user connect to an agent using a single touch. The agent will be able to confirm the user’s location and provide the help that is needed, whether it might be providing directions when lost, or summoning emergency services. This service is available nationwide, anywhere that you have cellphone coverage. The 5Star service is included in the monthly fee for the phones.

Seniors want to remain independent and connected, without having to struggle with technology. Products like the GreatCall phones can help them lead active lives while helping them be safer and more secure.