Connected health pioneer Withings continues to expand its connected digital health infrastructure. We wrote about the Withings Aura sleep monitor in CES 2015 coverage, along with Withings Smart Body Analyzer, blood oxygen tracker, and wireless blood pressure monitor, CES 2016 launched the Withings Thermo electronic thermometer and Withings Health Mate mobile app. The Withings Move ECG smartwatch for heart health patients stepped up the pace of wrist-worn devices at CES 2019. And so it goes, as Withings continues to develop devices and platforms that collect and analyze digital health data. The answer to this year’s CES question, “What’s new with Withings?” is another sophisticated digital analysis tool. At CES 2023, Withings proudly announced U-Scan, billed as “The world’s first hands-free connected home urine lab.”

The CTA recognized the U-Scan as a CES 2023 Innovation Award honoree for three separate sections: Smart Home, Fitness and Sports, and Digital Health. The U-Scan Reader is a rechargeable, pebble-shaped device that you attach under the seat at the front of the toilet. Replaceable urine biomarker analysis cartridges fit inside the reader. A pump in the reader that differentiates between urine and other fluids directs the urine to a microfluidic circuit in a test pod where an optical sensor measures the biomarkers. After each sample the U-Scan transmits the results via Wi-Fi to an associated mobile device with the Withings app. One analysis cartridge lasts for up to three months, after which users can order replacements. Withing’s U-Scan applications for home use include hydration, dietary biomarkers, specific gravity and pH levels. The platform can also detect hormonal levels to show cycle predictions and ovulation windows.

In addition to home use, Withings also developed the U-Scan for professional medical applications. In addition to the home-use data points, the U-Scan in clinical applications will be useful for noninvasive daily urine screen for a range of diseases and conditions. Withings positions the U-Scan for biomarker monitoring in clinical trials and announced early partnerships to monitor renal and oncological data. According to Withings, the U-Scan assists professionals with automated sample capture, biomarker analyses, and actionable data.

Withings plans to release the U-Scan in Europe during the second quarter of 2023. FDA clearance is pending in the U.S. It’s interesting and impressive to observe progress as Withings builds out a connected infrastructure suitable for consumer and professional use. Now we wonder what Withings will announce at CES 2024.