We have followed Withings‘ wearable tech since Health Tech Insider’s launch in June 2014. In the ensuing years, the firm was bought by Nokia in 2016 and then bought back by Withings’ co-founder and former chairman Éric Carreel in 2018. This year at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, we got to see the new Withings Move ECG, a watch for people who need to monitor their heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation (AFib). This chronic arrhythmia can lead to blood clots and strokes when irregular heart contractions fail to move blood through the heart effectively.

With Move ECG, which is currently awaiting FDA and CE clearance, you can record an electrocardiogram in 20 seconds by placing your fingers on the watch case. Two electrodes on the back of the watch and one on the case ring measure your heart rhythm and send the signal to the Health Mate smartphone app. According to Withings, the app will alert you if you need to contact your cardiologist and can also send the record to your physician.

In keeping with the ECG readings and the importance of activity to heart health, Move ECG is also a fitness and sleep tracker. The watch automatically tracks movement using the smartphone GPS and measures stair climbing with an internal altimeter. Move ECG is water resistant up to 50 meters and unlike most smartwatches, has 12-month battery life. Withings expects the start selling the Move ECG for $130 this spring. The watch is also available without the ECG feature for $70.