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Ordinarily on Health Tech Insider, we write about the newest and still-in-the-labs Health Tech products. Recently, however, two well-known international companies announced an acquisition that could strengthen both enterprises in the Health Tech market. One of the companies is already known for its innovative Health Tech devices and the other adds global manufacturing and distribution and a technology and communications brand name recognized worldwide.

Finnish multinational communications and information technology giant Nokia and French health tech pioneer and leader Withings announced the two companies will work together in the connected health revolution. Nokia is buying Withings. While no decision about name changes was announced, Nokia’s brand recognition will certainly factor in considerations. In the Nokia press release about the acquisition, President Ramzi Haidamus said Nokia has been developing a digital health strategy called WellCare and the acquisition of Withings will accelerate its plans. “WellCare is a trusted, secure and simple-to-use experience built around data and insight that are pulled through tracking devices. And it is this insight that informs patients, physicians and caregivers about their health,” says Haidamus. “We’re paying for the company, but in reality it’s Withings that’s going to be running the entire digital health business at Nokia.”

In the Withings press release CEO Cedric Hutchings, who is slated to lead Nokia’s new digital-health business, said the acquisition, “is about accelerating our roadmap of products and solutions for digital health.” Health Tech Insider has previously written about Nokia spinoff PulseOn’s lightweight heart monitor. We’ve mentioned Withings in several articles as one of the major Health Tech sensor and information transmission devices with which other devices need to be compatible. In addition, we’ve written about Withings’ wireless blood pressure cuff, sleep monitor, and non-contact thermometer. Last fall Health Tech Insider partnered with Withings in a product giveaway promotion.

Nokia’s Withings purchase bodes well for Health Tech, combining the companies’ respected places in the market and combining a developed product line and medical expertise with world-scale information device manufacturing and distribution. Whatever they end up calling it, the company mashup looks like a win.