During CES 2022, we covered MedWand, a solution that allows physicians to conduct physical examinations and access multiple vitals in real-time for their remote patients. The company has made significant progress in the past year. At CES 2023, MedWand Solutions Inc. unveiled their Urban-Rural Healthcare Alliance. The company aims to encourage wider access to top-notch healthcare through collaborations between cities and adjacent rural regions. MedWand intends to remove geographical and personal boundaries in socioeconomically disadvantaged and inner-city neighborhoods with the help of collaborators including AT&T, HP, and Oracle. 

As a result of this new collaboration, AT&T assists MedWand in meeting the demands for reliable internet service for MedWand’s Mobile Clinics, regardless of the location. HP assists MedWand in meeting crucial operational dependability requirements in health care by supplying durable Android OS tablets and desktop computer devices on which MedWand Clinics function. And Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) hosts the MedWand VirtualCare platform, delivering a full range of cloud services as well as powerful security protocols for confidential medical data.

MedWand’s VirtualCare platform, which pioneers the delivery of virtual healthcare solutions to physicians and patients, offers telemedicine services to connect the urban medical center with multiple rural or inner-city locations with the help of MedWand Mobile Clinics. The MedWand Command Center monitoring station, unveiled at CES 2023, enables a single point of contact for up to 1,200 patients. It enables doctors to set up alerts for abnormal deviations in recorded vitals. Also, the vital trend charts can be viewed readily if patients are enrolled in a daily observation regimen. 

The Command Center also serves as a communication link between doctors on duty and medical assistants or nurses on the ground. If any field worker requires assistance from the supervising clinician, the Command Center can instantly connect and turn an ongoing on-site assessment into a remote consultation via video link or telemonitoring.

Cleared by FDA, MedWand is now commercially available in the United States and several other countries. It offers internet-based clinical assessment as a basic element of its healthcare service. Revolutionizing telemedicine, MedWant is accessible in Mobile clinics, Ruggedized Mobile Clinics, and Desktop Clinic configurations.