Imagine what would telemedicine look like if we could include AI-based physical exams in the consultations? This might have been difficult to imagine a few years ago. Today, we have an AI-powered device capable of taking important vitals to help physicians offer excellent healthcare to their remote patients. 

A team of doctors and medical device engineers at MedWand Solutions, Inc have developed a solution that allows physicians to conduct physical examinations and access multiple vitals in real-time for their remote patients. The U.S-based company showcased MedWand device and companion Virtual Care Clinic software at their CES 2022 booth.

The MedWand device comes with various tools that collect vital data including core temperature, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate, and electrocardiogram. It can also provide abdominal, lung, and heart auscultations. The device has a 4K camera for high-definition exam images of skin, ear, nose, and throat. And for the ECG data, the FDA-approved AI engine in the device can also detect 9 out 12 types of arrhythmias. With all of these features, the device is still just the size of a computer mouse and can be used anywhere in the world.

The accompanying Virtual Care Clinic software allows video consultations and links MedWand devices to the existing electronic medical record (EMR) systems, including EPIC and Cerner. The device also integrates with connected health tech devices for other biometric data. No pairing is required as the system can locate supported devices and connect automatically. 

MedWand and Virtual Care Clinic software are expected to launch in March 2022. The company is awaiting 510(k) clearance from the FDA. The device and its software will be available to hospitals, field clinics, nursing homes, workplaces, and schools, and later, will also be launched for direct to consumer purchase.