Last June, we covered Smartcheck Digital Ear Scope by Tylenol, a smartphone device for at home ear exams. The company started its pilot project in 2022 and the device is now available online from Walmart, Amazon, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Meijer; expect nationwide rollout in Fall 2023. The SmartCheck otoscope comes as a package with an otoscope clamp, six pediatric tips, six child/adult tips, a AAA battery, and an app. The device is intended to help parents gather data to help pediatricians evaluate ear infections without requiring an office visit.

The device attaches to the smartphone camera and records videos and takes pictures from inside the ear that can be shared remotely with your doctor. The companion app guides the user on how to use the device correctly in order to get images that a physician can use. 

The company warns against using the device in the case of blockages, crusting, ear canal swelling, fluid or discharge, foreign objects, and excess ear wax. Also, children with ear tubes or recent ear surgery should not use the device. 

Make sure to check your phone’s compatibility with the otoscope. It only works with iPhone models from 6S to 13. Newer models are not compatible at the moment. 

SmartCheck Digital Ear Scope is available online at a cost of $79.99. For parents of young children — especially those prone to ear infections — it can save time and provide peace of mind by getting a doctor’s opinion remotely.