Remote patient care has become a big part of the new normal, but remote physical exams are still much less prevalent. We recently covered the MedWand device that collects vital data remotely. Children’s TYLENOL has developed a similar technology specifically for otolaryngology, or ear exams.

Children are prone to ear problems. If an ear infection is involved, then a course of antibiotics might be required, but diagnosis typically requires an examination by a healthcare professional. A remote ear exam can be a welcome alternative to a trip to the doctor’s office. The SmartCheck Digital Ear Scope from Children’s TYLENOL can record videos and capture images from inside the ear to share with your doctor. The digital ear scope checks for ear infections and is compatible with most iPhone models 6s and newer.  

The device turns your smartphone into a professional otoscope (ear scope). The package includes a Smartcheck device, 6 single-use pediatric tips, 6 single-use child/adult tips, and a battery.

The free Smartcheck app guides the user step-by-step. Simply, install the battery, attach the correct-sized tip to the device, and slide the device onto your iPhone such that it is aligned with the main camera of the phone. Turn on the light and slowly insert the tip into the ear. Find the eardrum and record the video. It’s as simple as that! The company also offers a series of videos to explain each step of the usage. 

Users can easily share the video with a doctor anytime. The app keeps a record of all past videos and healthcare providers can compare and track progress over time. 

Smartcheck could be used for babies who are 6 months and above and adults. However, the company warns against the use of the device in the case of blockages, crusting, ear canal swelling, fluid or discharge, foreign objects, and excess ear wax. Also, children with ear tubes or recent ear surgery should not use the device.

Remote ear care in pediatric patients is great news for busy parents and those living at a distance from healthcare facilities.