Paris-based Circular announced the latest version of the Circular Ring at CES 2023. We wrote about the Circular Ring during its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in 2020 and again in early 2022 with its initial product launch at CES 2022. At CES 2023, Circular revealed new Ring features and capabilities plus a personalized coaching platform and an updated mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones.

The original version of the Circular Ring, no longer available, used red, green, and infrared light to monitor blood oxygenation, heart rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability. Temperature and movement sensors enable additional body and activity metrics and guidelines. The mobile app helps users monitor 142 derived metrics from the Ring’s 7 biometric inputs. New Circular Ring features announced at CES 2023 include haptic-alert-guided breathing guidance, mindfulness, and relaxation. The company claims the new Ring improves comfort and adds waterproofing, There’s also a new web-based coaching platform with shareable reports and recommendations.

Circular scaled up production capabilities to overcome pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and to fulfill thousands of international orders, according to a company news release. You can order a Circular Ring in one of four colors (silver, gold, black, or rose) for $284 with May 2023 delivery. If you’re not sure of your ring size, Circular will send a sizing kit for $5. There are no monthly subscription charges with the Circular ring and Circular promises additional features in future firmware upgrades at no extra cost.