Circular has introduced their Circular Ring that offers insights into various biometric data and empowers its users to understand and improve their sleep and wellbeing. With 7 input biometrics, 142 derived metrics, and more than 1,800 recommendations, the new smart ring tracks data points every minute and presents it in an easy-to-understand manner. 

The smart ring can track sleep and monitor parameters like sleep quality score, sleep/wake frequency, number of naps, time to fall asleep, and sleep stages. The ring also analyzes circadian rhythm, disturbances in sleep, night heart rate variability, and breathing rate. All this data is converted into sleep graphs to help the user better visualize their sleep metrics.

The sensors rely on both red light and infrared light. The ring also has an activity tracking feature that includes intensity of activities, steps counter, walking equivalency, temperature. It also measures cardio points like active minutes, heart training zone, activity volume, recovery time, and calories burned.

Activity graphs are available on the dashboard to quantify your performance and compare changes over time. The developers have added a red/yellow/green dashboard on the app to help users understand the significance of their measures. Users also can set alarms for low and high readings. The ring can also record wellness metrics and energy scores. The ring’s smart assistant, Kira, establishes users baselines in the first two weeks of usage and then interacts with the users based on these baselines.

The ring is made from hypoallergenic resin. It’s waterproof and weighs only 4 grams. The ring takes 60 minutes to charge, and the battery lasts for 4 days. The outer shells of the ring are changeable to customize according to various occasions. Three colors are available: silver, black, and rose gold. 

You can pre-order the Circular Ring now with shipments slated to begin in March, at a cost of $259. If this product has a familiar “ring” to it, that’s because we covered it back in 2020. At that time, it was supposed to ship in August 2020, but that led to 2021 which the company characterizes as “the year of crafting and engineering challenges” that ended with “a fully manufacturable line of products.” As a result, one might have some healthy skepticism about their shipping dates, but the feature set makes it look as though it may be worth waiting for.