The CONNEQT Pulse multi-mode digital biomarker device won a coveted Innovation award at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CONNEQT is a subsidiary of CardieX Limited. CONNEQT Pulse measures arterial health, central blood pressure, and pulse pressure, In contrast, most consumer blood pressure monitors measure brachial artery pressure. CONNEQT Pulse measures blood pressure and pulse waveform with a cuff and converts the data with CardieX’s SphygmoCor proprietary arterial waveform analysis to measure central blood pressure and waveform at the heart. We first wrote about CONNEQT Pulse in July 2022. The Pulse was a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree at this year’s event.

CONNEQT CEO Craig Cooper plans to release the Pulse in early 2023 pending final FDA clearance, according to a company news release. Hospitals, clinics, and research labs have used CardieX’s FDA-approved SphygmoCor non-invasive tech for years. The CONNEQT Pulse design measures complete arterial health in a new design that is also suitable for decentralized clinical trials, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and general home use. The newer Pulse technology broadens the application to give insights into arterial health for patients on their associated smartphones. The Pulse syncs with CONNEQT’s Patient Management Portal with a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform for clinical personnel.

The CONNEQT Pulse is yet another example of medical-grade technology originally limited to clinical applications expanding its reach for patient home use and physician remote patient management.