CardieX Limited—a health technology company dedicated to heart diseases—has announced a dual blood pressure and arterial health monitor. The new device, CONNEQT Pulse, has yet to receive a final FDA-clearance. It has been designed for home health, distant monitoring and decentralized clinical trials. 

Pulse uses CardieX’s FDA-cleared SphygmoCor technology that measures central aortic waveforms. The process helps look into cardiac health parameters beyond just the typical blood pressure (BP) readings. As a result, the device enables measurement of the patient’s arterial stiffness, central blood pressure, and pulse pressure. Measuring central blood pressure is superior to standard measurements of BP. It improves our understanding of major organs like the heart, brain, kidneys etc. (You may also want to check out our recent coverage of Mobvoi TicWatch that also uses proprietary SphygmoCor technology, though it does not provide BP measurements.)

Pulse will deliver advanced analytics by combining with CONNEQT client application. It focuses on features like Artery Age, Heart Stress, and Exercise Capacity, among others. These parameters provide valuable insights into cardiovascular health. Utilizing the refined digital ecosystem, Pulse will also get physicians and patients together through its CONNEQT Physician Portal. The platform will help doctors diagnose, manage, and monitor patients remotely via a cloud-based, HIPAA-approved patient management portal. 

According to the company, Pulse will be the first in the world to gauge cardiac and vascular health conditions beyond conventional measures.