Smartwatches have been in the mainstream for several years. The announcement of a new smartwatch generally doesn’t warrant coverage on Health Tech Insider unless the maker claims to have something special that’s relevant to health and wellness technology. When Mobvoi introduced the TicWatch GTH Pro early this month, our decision to cover the AI-driven company’s new heart health-focused smartwatch was an easy one to make. Mobvoi Is an artificial intelligence company backed by Google and Volkswagen. In 2021 we covered two Mobvoi smartwatch introductions. The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS made the cut as a smartwatch for extreme athletes because Mobvoi built it to MilSpec, following MIL-STD-810G standards to stand up to extreme temperatures, humidity, solar radiation, low pressure, and more. We also wrote about the 2021 upgrade to Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro S because that smartwatch is purpose-built to track sleep and stress.

Mobvoi built the heart health monitoring TicWatch GTH Pro in partnership with CardieX, an Australian health tech company. The smartwatch uses proprietary SphygmoCor technology — developed by CardieX subsidiary ATCOR — that is FDA cleared. and according to ATCOR, features in more than 1,400 peer-reviewed studies. The technology monitors central arterial waveforms by measuring pulse strength. The Mobvoi watch employs two PPG sensors that track pressure points from the wrist and through the finger. The Mobvoi app combines the data from the PPG sensors and pulse wave analysis (PWA) to compile five heart health metrics including an Arty Score, Exercise Capacity (eCap), Arty Age, Heart Stress Index (HSX), and TruHR.

The Arty Score rates overall heart and arterial health. eCAP measures blood flow to the heart. ArtyAge uses arterial stiffness to estimate the “age” of the wearer’s arteries. HSX indicates stress on the heart. TruHR measures heart rate with accuracy “similar to that of an electrocardiogram.”

While the Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro’s primary focus is tracking heart health, the smartwatch includes other familiar functions. You can use the watch to track and analyze each night’s sleep, provide insights on managing stress based on heart rate variability, track your skin temperature 24/7, and detect blood oxygen saturation level. The watch also has fitness tracking with 14 specific sports modes.

The TicWatch GTH Pro runs for seven to 10 days per charge and is water resistant up to 50 meters for up to 10 minutes (5ATM). All of these features are available now in the Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro for $100, on sale on Mobvoi and Amazon. Considering the array of heart health sensing features, the price seems like a bargain.