A 2021 upgrade to the TicWatch Pro S by Mobvoi offers enhanced sleep analysis functions, precision exercise options, blood oxygen tracking, and an app that uses heart rate and breathing activity to identify changes in stress levels. Changes to the Pro S sleep tracker let users track their sleep in “Essential Mode” to save power and to make it easier to obtain more consistent sleep data.

TicSleep, the watch’s sleep tracking app, now generates weekly sleep reports and personalized sleep advice. The Pro S now comes with TicBreathe, an app originally designed for the TicWatch Pro 3. TicBreathe gives insight into user stress levels. Stressed out users can also use the feature’s breathing exercises to calm themselves.

The watch’s exercise tracking app, TicExercise, has an updated heart rate range indicator, a new running lap counter, and can now track oxygen consumption during intense exercise to assess aerobic endurance. TicHearing, another app introduced in the Pro 3, monitors environmental noise to protect against hearing damage.

Although the Pro S focuses on the pain points of true exercise enthusiasts, users with concerns about sleep, oxygen use, and stress also could benefit from the latest improvements. The upgrade also includes hardware improvements, such as better waterproofing and durability and a moderate improvement in battery life over recent models.