We’ve written about BeBop Sensors, Inc. several times in recent years, primarily covering the Berkeley, California-based company’s fabric sensor systems and haptic gloves. Most recently in May 2022, we wrote about BeBop’s developments with smart robot skin with tactile awareness. Last month, BeBop introduced the next step in robotic fingers, available now.

BeBop’s RoboSkin Robo-Finger wraps a humanoid robotic finger with tactilely-aware skin. The Robo-Finger has 80 sensors spaced 2mm apart. According to the developer, the Robo-Finger’s skin is more sensitive and spatially aware than human fingers. Because BeBop makes the finger and the skin, it can build-to-suit custom applications of the technology of different sizes and behavior.

Introducing the Robo-Finger, BeBop’s founder and CTO Keith McMullen said, “We have been working with these roboticists refining our Robo-Finger for three years. We are pleased we can make this important contribution to the worldwide effort to bring humanoid robots into our lives to help people live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.”