Bebop sensors

BeBop Sensors is a new company that could play a role in a variety of wearable Health Tech devices and applications. A spin-off from a business that already has made more than a million sensors for musical applications, the company has launched its BeBop Wearable Smart Fabric Sensor. This technology provides real-time reporting of a variety of measures. According to the company’s press release, the material can measure “force, x/y location, bend, twist, size, stretch and motion.” The fabric integrates the sensors, the writing, and the electronics that provide robust data collection with sensitivity and high resolution.

As shown in the photo above, the material can be used to create a thin insole that can be inserted into any shoe, and then report the pressure exerted at any point. This can be used to analyze the stresses involved in walking or running, but can also show the sequence in which the pressure is applied and then shifted as the subject’s weight is transferred to different parts of the foot. This same technology could be used for a variety of wearable devices, including smart clothing that can sense position and motion. The sensors can also be used as buttons, so that controls could be built right into the sleeve of a shirt or jacket in order to control wearable or other mobile devices. The material could also be incorporated into external objects, such as exercise mats or seating, which could be used to monitor the subject’s motion and points of pressure.

BeBop is already offering custom solutions for manufacturers, from simple sensors to complete wireless monitoring systems. The company also has a software development kit (SDK) to help product designers create and modify their designs.