This year the American Heart Association (AHA) added sleep to its list of behaviors and factors that can lessen a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease. We’ve covered a range of digital health technologies that track sleep and help improve sleep such as smart at-home sleep tests, cognitive behavior training for better sleep, and a smartwatch that detects sleep apnea. Amazon wants to help you sleep, too, hence the new Halo Rise.

Halo Rise is a smart bedside sleep tracker, alarm, and wake-up lamp. The Halo Rise has onboard sensors that track room temperature, humidity, and light while other sensors monitors your movement and respiration. The Halo Rise alarm monitors your sleep stages for the best time to wake you up and can adjust the light colors and gradual brightening. Like so many smart home products, there is an Amazon Alexa voice assistant skill that responds to voice commands to configure and manage the Halo Rise when you pair the device with an Alexa-compatible smart speaker or smart camera. Alexa can also give you an audio summary of your sleep activity, duration, and stages.

The Halo Rise comes with a six-month Halo membership, which costs $4 per month after the trial period. Halo members can access additional information about sleep improvement and other health topics, though you don’t need a membership to use the Halo Rise. You can also control the device with the Halo mobile app. If you’d rather not be monitored every night, you can disable the Halo Rise sleep tracking function. The device does not have a camera or a microphone, so privacy invasion might be less of a concern.

Amazon has not set a firm product launch date, but you can sign up on the product page to receive email notice when the Halo Rise is available. When the Halo Rise launches the price will be $140 including the 6-month Halo Membership.