We’ve had wearables that monitor bio-signals for quite some time now; the first Fitbit launched way back in 2009. Manufacturers have made considerable advances in wearable features and functionality since then, and we’ve recently added consumer-grade oximeters to the ever-growing list of health-monitoring tech for wearables. The new DM01 and DM02 smartwatches from Singapore-based BUZUD have sensors that measure blood oxygen levels while the wearer is still or asleep. 

Why does it matter if the smartwatch user is awake or asleep? The SpO2 oximeter sensors of the DM01 and DM02 can gauge sleep quality and help to detect sleep apnea. When a person has this disorder — characterized by repeated interrupted breathing during sleep — their oxygen levels can dip while they are sleeping. BUZUD claims that the abilities of their smartwatches to help detect sleep apnea have been verified by both clinical studies and a doctor-conducted clinical trial with 3,000 people. 

While oximeters may be the most notable features of the new smartwatches, the devices are designed with fitness in mind; two dozen sports modes meet a wide range of fitness-tracking needs with customizable workouts. The smartwatches can count steps and measure distance, calculating the calories that the wearer burns in the process. Plus, the wearables have the ability to measure one’s heart rate, body temperature, and real-time blood pressure. The health data insights are viewable on a Health Metrics dashboard, which connects via bluetooth to BUZUD’s mobile app that’s available for both iOS and Android. 

Low cost is notable here; the DM01 retails for under $100, listed for $88 on the BUZUD website and for $94 on Lazada. For that price you get a color screen with a customizable watch face, the aforementioned features from oximeter to blood-pressure measuring, plus the ability to receive text messages and call alerts from mobile phones. While basic fitness trackers can be found at similar prices, smartwatches with oxygen monitors generally come with much higher price tags. Stepping up to BUZUD’s DM02, listed at $228 on their site and $244 on Lazada, adds a high-def color touchscreen and the option to choose from different strap colors. 

Although the accuracy of these smartwatches could use some verification beyond BUZUD’s claims, on the surface these look to be handy high-tech wearables with big features at low prices.