We all prefer a health-tracking system that blends flawlessly into our lifestyle and feels nice on the body. The Oura Ring has offered all this since its inception in 2015. Recently, the brand has launched a new design of Gen3 Oura Rings. There are now two styles available for the ring: Heritage and the newly launched Horizon. The brand emphasizes the dynamic potential of the health-tracking system while staying true to its customers for aesthetic designs.

The new Oura Horizon is a subtle, stylish, and remarkably powerful ring. It has a round design available in four original colors (silver, black, stealth, and gold) and a new rose gold option. Both the Heritage and Horizon styles have identical capabilities. 

The Oura Ring Generation 3 features triple the number of sophisticated sensors as earlier versions. Sensors are crammed into a centimeter of space while maintaining an astounding battery life of roughly seven days. It offers sleep, readiness, and activity scores. Heart rate tracking is available 24/7 to assist customers in understanding how their lifestyle choices impact their heart rate.

The Oura 3rd Gen includes seven research-grade temperature sensors that record real-time changes in temperature and notify you about any substantial alteration even before you experience any disease symptoms. The ring also incorporates a period predictor and offers personalized health insights & recommendations. 

The Horizon price starts at $349 (for the silver and black) and increases based on the choice of color. The original Heritage design starts at $299. All options are available for purchase at the official Oura website