Denver-based BioIntelliSense shows no signs of slowing development of its clinical care devices. BioIntelliSense won recognition for its remote patient care wearables with a CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award for its BioButton disposable medical-grade wearable, This month, BioIntelliSense announced a rechargeable version of the BioButton. The BioButton Rechargeable can monitor a patient’s biometrics for up to 30 days per charge.

We wrote about BioIntelliSense’s single-use 30-day vital signs monitoring BioSticker wearable in early 2020. In May 2020 we covered the BioButton 90-day tracker. With the BioButton Rechargeable added to its lineup of medical grade biometrics trackers for home and hospital use, BioIntelliSense offers both disposable single-use and long-term continuous use solutions. According to the developer, the BioButton Rechargeable measures multiple biometric parameters up to 1,440 times a day. BioButton Rechargeable applications include wellness and preventive care, ambulatory care, acute care, post acute care, and remote care.

Continuous medical-grade monitoring can increase patient and care team confidence in home care and potentially save the time and expense of clinical staff collecting vital signs manually in hospitals or by traveling to patients’ homes. The BioIntelliSense vital signs tracking technologies are welcome even in non-pandemic times, but the COVID-19 pandemic’s strain on health facility personnel resources and the need to minimize personal exposure to highly infectious diseases accentuates the importance of access to an arsenal of patient monitoring solutions. One-time use devices are handy for short term needs, but rechargeable devices are more appropriate for long-haul needs such as patients with chronic conditions.