We’ve written about Omron Healthcare multiple times, primarily covering new developments in blood pressure monitor (BPM) technology such as the Omron HeartGuide oscillometric smartwatch. At CES 2020, Omron introduced the Omron BP7900 Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG dual-purpose device. The BP7900 works with Omron’s HeartAdvisor app for remote patient monitoring (RPM). Omron extended its RPM reach by introducing an advanced mobile app and a collaborative artificial intelligence (AI) research initiative with Kyoto University at CES 2022.

Omron’s Going for Zero mission focuses on heart health management with remote monitoring of patient blood pressure. At CES 2022, the company announced initial RPM services under different names in the U.S. (VitalSight), UK (Hypertension Plus), and Singapore (HeartVoice). The gist is that the Omron RPM services has three components: active heart health management, patient-physician connectivity, and behavior change to cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The specific Omron blood pressure monitors and devices in the various programs differ, but the mobile app’s functions include monitoring patient blood pressure data, reporting results to care teams including alerts for immediate action when needed, patient-physician engagement, appointment scheduling, home prescription delivery, interfacing with standard EMR systems, billing, and invoice tracking.

Physicians in the U.S. can enroll high-risk hypertension patients in the VitalSight service. The company sends a kit directly to the patient’s home. The kit is preset for sharing data with the patient’s healthcare team . The kit may have additional devices, but in all cases includes an Omron connected blood pressure monitor and a data hub for communicating with the physician. The hub uses a cellular data connection and does not require Wi-Fi or a smartphone. VitalSight is Medicare reimbursable. You can find additional information about the U.S. Omron RPM program on the VitalSight web page.

Also at CES 2022 Omron spotlighted a new research program with Kyoto University (KU). The collaboration will study ways to use AI to predict cardiovascular disease. Omron and KU began researching blood pressure management in 2021, tracking data including body weight, body composition, and smoking and drinking habits. The new initiative will mine blood pressure metrics using AI to find ways to detect cardiovascular disease earlier.

Health Tech Insider met with Omron CEO Ranndy Kellogg by video during CES. While Omron still offers the HeartGuide wrist-worn device, the company continues to research cuff-less blood pressure monitoring technologies. At this point, the company has no immediate plans to use any cuff-less technologies in a product.