Omron Healthcare has long been a standard for clinical and consumer blood pressure monitors. At CES 2018, Omron introduced the HeartGuide smartwatch built around an oscillometric blood pressure monitor (the type that squeezes your arm) with a companion smartphone app HeartAdvisor. The HeartGuide made its market debut in 2019.

Omron was at CES 2020 show its latest consumer device, the Omron BP7900 Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG. The dual-purpose Omron device measures blood pressure and EKG simultaneously. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse test readings display on the device. In order to receive the first EKG report, you have to download, install, and open the HeartAdvisor app. For the first reading, you won’t be able to view the results on the smartphone display. The app transmits the reading to Omron, where it is interpreted by a cardiologist within 24 hours. Omron subsequently sends the report to you via email, after which you can conduct, record, and view the results of EKGs with no intermediate handling. The EKG data analysis identifies atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, bradycardia, and sinus rhythm.

The Omron Complete is FDA-approved and runs on four AAA batteries. An included D-Ring cuff fits arms from 9-inches to 17-inches in circumferences. The Omron Complete is available now on the Omron site for $160.