Machine learning artificial intelligence is a good fit for dermatology. Dermatologists make judgments about unusual marks or moles on a patient’s skin, but even when they are sure that an abnormality isn’t a problem, the physician often takes a photo for future reference. We’ve written several times about Miiskin‘s skin and mole check digital health platform. Earlier in 2021, Miiskin launched Miiskin Pro, a smartphone app that patients can use to upload images of moles and marks on their skin and send them to their dermatologists. Physicians use Miiskin Pro’s machine learning, computer vision, and augmented reality to analyze patient images.

Earlier this month, Miiskin introduced the Triage feature for the Miiskin Pro app. With this new feature, Miiskin Pro users have a secure channel to communicate with and send images at any time to their dermatologists. The physicians can review and respond to the content on their own schedules. According to Miiskin, the greater advantage of the Triage feature is for new patients, rather than existing ones. The company cited an example of a Minneapolis-based dermatology practice in which new patients initiated 56% of Triage assessment requests during a three-month period. In all, the practice scheduled appointments for 75% of the new patients. In one case, the patient had an appointment within a week when the dermatologist who reviewed the images diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma.

“A telehealth solution like Miiskin, an AI-enabled app, levels the playing field by giving every patient equipped with a smartphone a tool that empowers them to evaluate their skin for changes for the early detection of worrisome lesions,” said Dr. Margareth Pierre-Louis, MD, MBA, FAAD, Twin Cities Dermatology Center founder and medical director.

Dermatologists who use Miiskin Pro provide the app at no charge to patents. MiiSkin is available for iOS and Android devices.