We’ve written about Denmark-based Miiskin’s eponymous mole-tracking feature previously. Miiskin is an iOS app that uses a smartphone camera to monitoring skin health. The original version of the software had four major functions: locating marks and moles on skin, capturing images, comparing images as time passes, and sending alerts to remind you to check your skin and to follow up with a dermatologist with any questions. Last fall, Miiskin launched Miiskin Pro that lets users upload images of their moles and marks on their skin to their dermatologist’s platform. This provides additional information for telehealth visits to review changes in the patient’s skin. The telehealth feature is especially useful to limit unnecessary contact during the pandemic.

In late March, Miiskin added AI-powered mole sizing capability to the app. Miiskin’s mole-sizing employs machine learning, computer vision, and augmented reality. The new feature analyzes the user’s smartphone camera images to identify mole diameter and evolution, which are two major indicators for melanoma. Any mole larger than 6mm in diameter crosses the size threshold for potential melanoma, so that’s an initial warning. The app also tracks overall size, shape, and color over time. If the mole evolves, that’s a second melanoma warning sign. Miiskin’s mole-monitoring feature doesn’t diagnose melanoma or any type of skin cancer. The alerts are simply warning signs that you should check with a dermatologist.

Early treatment for melanomas, as with many diseases and medical conditions, has a much better chance of success than delayed intervention. Tools like Miiskin are getting smarter and adding new features, and they have the potential to help us all stay healthier.