Last week, wearable biometric pioneer VivaLNK announced a new remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution. We first wrote about VivaLNK in our CES 2015 coverage. VivaLNK brought the eSkin Thermometer to Las Vegas in January 2015. The eSkin Thermometer enables NFC wireless connectivity to monitor a child’s body temperature remotely. Last year we wrote about VivaLNK’s wearable sensor solution for monitoring COVID-19 patient vital signs.

VivaLNK’s latest medical-grade RPM breakthrough captures a patient’s ECG and heart rate during the six-minute walk test (6MWT). Clinicians use the 6MWT to monitor patients with pulmonary hypertension, congestive heart failure, interstitial lung disease, or COPD, and for pre-lung transplant evaluation. During the 6MWT, the patient walks as far as they can in six minutes.

VivaLNK’s 6MWT solution consists of a wearable patch, a mobile app, and cloud services. The 7.5 gram VivaLNK ECG patch adheres to the patient’s chest. While the patient walks, the Bluetooth wearable continuously streams ECG rhythm, heart rate, respiratory rate, and 3-axis accelerometer data. The data from the sensors streams to the cloud via an the app running on an associated smartphone. During the 6MWT a clinician monitors the test remotely and then analyzes the data in the cloud after the test. The mobile app also captures the data in case the network connection fails.

As we’ve noted previously, remote patient monitoring consolidates the benefits of multiple technologies including wearable biometric sensors, local and wide range network connections, cloud services, and AI. VivaLNK’s latest solution is a significant addition to the growing list of remote patient monitoring capabilities.