A wearable monitoring system that helps reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in hospitals and care facilities is now available in the United States. The system, designed specifically for the COVID-19 crisis by VivaLNK, has been used successfully in 15 hospitals in China as well as medical facilities across Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. The platform is now on the market in the Americas and Western Europe.

A leader in connected healthcare solutions, VivaLNK built the new system around its existing ambulatory wearable sensor technology. These reusable sensors provide continuous monitoring of body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and heart ECGs. Each sensor operates for 21 days on a single charge.

The wearable, which resembles an oversized watch with a wire leading to a finger band, sends data to an onsite server over a BLE WiFi router. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers view live-stream data on a centralized console, allowing them to identify trends, review past vitals history, and track changes for each patient.

Continuous monitoring provides the opportunity to detect infectious disease symptoms early, while helping to prevent contact events between providers and infected patients. In addition to hospitals, VivaLNK’s solution can reduce risk in medical centers and nursing homes.

The system offers offsite remote patient monitoring through a cloud-based version that works with a patient companion app. This cloud-based option also means the system can work in pop-up field hospitals that have minimal network infrastructure.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, the VivaLNK platform offers a reliable solution that both mitigates risk for frontline workers and enhances care for patients in medical facilities and at home.