2020 was the inaugural Year of the Mask in many parts of the world, but during 2021 more of us are likely to wear masks on a regular basis. It would be nice if masks weren’t necessary, but for now we can file that with wishes to be taller or have stronger chins. In 2020 we learned the differences between PM2.5 and N95 masks. Going forward mask choices will include protection levels, integrated technologies, and even fashion. We’ll also see a growing number of multifunction masks.

Binatone Global introduced two multifunction masks at CES 2021: the MaskFone and the MegaFone mask. Binatone is a telecommunications and consumer electronics company that is also licensed to sell Motorola and AEG brand products. We wrote about Binatone previously when the company introduced Baby Connect monitors for connected nurseries at CES 2016.

The MaskFone combines a wireless Bluetooth headset and a mask with replaceable PM2.5 or N95 medical grade filters. The sweat and IPX5 water resistant MaskFone is made of machine-washable twill the company claims is highly breathable. The MaskFone operates for up to 12 hours on a battery charge to power Motorola’s Hubble Connected voice projection technology with an embedded microphone. Lightweight wireless earbuds that attach to the mask’s elastic side straps include environmental noise cancellation.

There are soft buttons on the lower right left side to make or answer phone calls and to control the volume. The Hubble Connected app includes Amazon Alexa embedded to access the voice assistant via your smartphone and to control smart home devices. The MaskFone’s voice activation button is also compatible with Google Assistant and Siri. The MaskFone sells for $50 with three PM2.5 filters. Replacement filters sell for $20 for a 5-pack of N95 filters or a 30-pack of PM2.5 filters.

Binatone also introduced the MegaFone mask at CES 2021. The MegaFone mask will include a detachable voice projector that works similar to a two-way walkie talkie. The MegaFone Mask also will have embedded mesh networking to support pairing with other MegaFone masks without a smartphone. The MegaFone mask is not yet available and Binatone did not announce pricing.