Motorola nursery

Baby monitors are so 20th Century! Why settle for a single wireless camera when you can use the Internet of Things to create a connected nursery that ties a variety of electronic devices into an integrated system designed to give parents peace of mind?

That’s the concept behind the Baby Connect monitors from Binatone, sold under the Motorola brand. The basic unit is a 5- or 7-inch smartphone-style remote monitor. It can control a remote camera (sold separately) for tilt, pan, and zoom remote controls, as well as bi-directional sound capability. The system also monitors room temperature, has reminder timers, and supports infrared night vision. What makes this different from other monitors is that you can add other monitors. A smart scale records a baby’s weight and height, and can send the data to smartphones, tablets, or computers. There is also an all-in-one WiFi device that plays lullabies, humidifies the air, and provides a color-changing nightlight as well; you can control the device with your smartphone. The ultimate is the Dream Machine that projects animated scenes on the ceiling while play one of five lullabies. You can also wirelessly connect door and window sensors that will send an alert every time they are opened or closed.

Not everyone is going to need or want an infant’s room to be totally connected, but this combination of devices do deliver more information than any single device could. This could provide some peace of mind for parents, especially with their first child.