Wearable ECG monitors have two primary advantages. Continuous ECG signal tracking provides physicians greater insight to patient heart health than one-off readings. Wearable devices also can enable remote patient monitoring (RPM) by transmitting real-time or periodic readings from a patient’s home to cloud-based platforms or directly to providers. We’ve written about several wearable ECG monitors such as VivaQuant‘s RX-1 Rhythm Express and Bardy Diagnostics’ Carnation Ambulatory Monitor.

This year at CES 2021, AT-Sens is an Innovation Award Honoree in the Health & Wellness category for the AT-Patch, a core technology for the company’s AT-Heart platform. The AT-Patch is a disposable, 13-gram, single-channel 3-lead, wearable ECG detection patch. The AT-Patch operates for up to 11 days on a single coin-cell battery. The user can view their ECG signal live on AT-Note, a Bluetooth-paired smartphone app. Users and their physicians can also access key test results and backup data in AT-Report, a medical software program.

The AT-Patch detects clean and accurate ECG waveforms, according to AT-Sens, due to its short short electrode and an exclusive sensor chip. The device is dustproof and its IP44 waterproof rating allows the patient to wear the device while showering.

RPM technology conserves resources for all. RPM is especially welcome while the COVID-19 is still rampant because the technology minimizes person-to-person contact.