Development teams worldwide work on clinical-grade extended wear biosensors every day. The concept of wearable continuous ECG monitors is especially near and dear to our hearts. We wrote earlier about VivaQaunt’s RX-1 Rhythm Express wearable ECG device that reduces in-band noise to help identify and report cardiac arrhythmias.

Bardy Diagnostics (BardyDX) won the MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best New Diagnostic Technology with its Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM). The CAM is a P-wave-centric ECG patch monitor that is placed over the heart along the sternum for optimal wave signal capture. According to two clinical studies published in the American Heart Journal and cited by BardyDX, P-wave patch monitoring with the CAM results in improved ECG resolution which in turn provides better heart rhythm information for clinically actionable diagnoses.

The CAM uploads data to Bardy’s BDxConnect patient management portal. Physicians can do their own scanning and analysis using a web-based ECG analysis module or opt to use Bardy’s in-house ECG technicians to deliver reports.

Wearable monitors such as this will provide more accurate data over a longer period than some other solutions. Furthermore, they are more convenient for both the patient and the clinician, leading to a better experience and acceptance.