We have written about Biotricity several times, starting in 2016 when the FDA cleared the company’s Bioflux 3-lead ECG wearable monitoring device including supporting software and real-time analysis. Last week Biotrictity introduced Biocare Telemed, remote patient monitoring (RPM) via a virtual clinic. Biocare Telemed is a HIPAA-compliant medical practice platform that patients can access from home to make appointments, connect diagnostic tools and devices, and consult with their physicians.

Biocare Telemed advances remote care available for patients with chronic conditions. Because earlier Biotricity developments focused on cardiac patient monitoring, the company designed its telemedicine platform to incorporate Bioflux data to use remote connections and data to help physicians monitor and diagnose patient conditions. Biocare Telemed’s significant difference from other telemedicine patient management platforms is that the platform was built around clinical data collection via remote devices from the start rather than building or allowing connections for remote patient monitoring as an additional feature. Another way to express the differentiation is that RPM and telemedicine are Biocare Telmed’s primary functions and appointment management is a secondary albeit convenient enabling feature.

Biocare Telemed is a timely development during the COVID-19 pandemic because it enables patients to consult with their physicians without leaving their homes. Biotricity plans an initial limited release for Biocare Telemed followed by a broader rollout later in the year.