One of the most accurate ways to measure heart activity is by measuring electrical impulses. This is why chest bands with electrodes tend to be more accurate than optical sensors worn on the wrist. Accuracy can be of critical importance in clinical settings where physicians are trying to diagnose disease and monitor symptoms.

biotricity is a company that has a new system designed to help healthcare professionals monitor patients more accurately and conveniently. Their bioflux system consists of three components: a wearable ECG monitoring device, supporting software, and real-time analysis and diagnostic information. The device transmits data continuously via a cellphone data connection to the remote monitoring center, unlike traditional monitors that simply record data for later analysis. The bioflux system can even issue an alert if the patient is perceived to be in cardiac distress. It can be worn around the clock for up to 30 days, making it more likely to observe and record events that occur infrequently at random intervals.

The system took a step closer to becoming a commercial reality when the company received FDA clearance for a key component of the system. The company hopes to make clinically accurate heart monitoring available to doctors that their patients can use as they go about their normal daily activities. This could have an impact on initial diagnosis as well as monitor patients with chronic conditions.