For home telehealthcare to advance in scale requires clinically-accurate connected biomedical devices, telehealth platforms, medical professionals, and patient populations. Tyto Care first got our attention in early 2019 with its partnership with Best Buy. Best Buy sells the TytoHome Medical Exam Kit, a clinical-grade handheld comprehensive exam kit. Tyto Care initially partnered with Sanford Health and LiveHealth Online medical professionals to provide consultations and diagnostic services to customers who bought the home exam kit. Later in 2019, Novant Health of North Carolina partnered with Tyto Care for on-demand, remote medical exams.

Amwell and Tyto Care recently announced an additional partnership. Amwell is a national telehealth provider with a comprehensive platform that supports telehealth needs from urgent or acute care plus chronic care management and wellness. More than 2,000 hospitals, 55 health plans, and 36,000 employers use the Amwell platform, with an aggregate reach of more than 80 million people. Amwell will now use the TytoHome Medical Exam Kit with urgent and primary care patients and to monitor treatment plan adherence.

With the Amwell and Tyto Care announcement, the TytotHome Medical Exam Kit’s potential customer base is nearly one-quarter of the U.S. population. Once the current pandemic is under control and people are less hesitant to leave their homes to make office visits, it will be interesting to see if the wider reach of home telehealth programs will causing a lasting change in how primary care medicine is practiced.