Telehealth, telemedicine, remote monitoring, and remote care represent slightly different aspects of patient care in locations other than the traditional doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and hospitals. This past April we wrote about Best Buy’s plans to sell Tyto Care‘s TytoHome Medical Exam Kit.

North Carolina’s Novant Health has announced a partnership with Tyto Care for on-demand, remote medical exams. Novant Health patients will be able to access Tyto Care’s virtual visits and use the TytoHome examination kit. The TytoHome Kit consists of the TytoApp for doctor-guided exams, the Tyto device with an exam camera and basal thermometer, an otoscope adaptor for examining ears, a stethoscope adapter for heart and lung sounds, and a tongue depressor adapter for checking the throat.

Novant Health patients can use the TytoHome Kit to measure body temperature, heart rate, heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, and abdomen. The Tyto device also uses Bluetooth to connect to additional devices to measure blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and weight.

FDA cleared, clinical-grade devices used in conjunction with telemedical clinical professionals are the key to bringing convenient, cost-effective care into the home.