We first looked at Helsinki-based Oura‘s sleep and activity tracking Oura Ring in 2017. Oura released a new version of the Oura Ring earlier this year and more recently added Moment, an app-directed feature to help wearers quantify the impact of meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation on the body. Oura also measures and reports sleep duration and stages.

The original Oura Ring was made of medical-grade Zirconia, ran up to three days following a one-hour battery charge, and was waterproof to 50 meters. The first version was large and chunky.

Despite a faster processor, more onboard memory, and greater accuracy — all according to Oura — the new ring is smaller and much lighter than the original. The Oura is now constructed of titanium with a diamond-like coating (DLC) and rated water resistant to 100 meters. Battery life per charge lasts up to seven days with the new ring, but the on-ring memory retains data for up to six weeks, compared to two days for the original.

The original Oura Ring was available in standard sizes and three colors and sold for $299 to $499. When you order the new ring you select from two shapes, four colors (three for each shape), and eight standard US ring sizes from 6 to 13. Prices for the various colors are $299 for black or silver, $399 for Stealth, and $999 for diamond silver.

Sensors in the Oura Ring include infrared LED optical pulse measurement to measure blood volume, heart rate, and heart rate variability (HRV), a 3D accelerator, a gyroscope, and a temperature sensor. The ring has no way to display data, but the companion smartphone app gives access to all the information. The emphasis for all readings is less on absolute numbers than on relative changes from your personal baseline.

Moment, the Oura’s new meditation feature, includes guided meditation apps and videos. The app tracks your heart rate and HRV to demonstrate the effect of meditation or other mindfulness activities. Oura released Moment for second-generation Oura Ring wearers and for iPhone users. The company expects to launch Moment on Android later this year.