People seem to pay more attention to exercise and good nutrition than to the importance of getting a sufficient amount of healthy sleep. A recent report from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute documents the vital role sleep plays in mental and physical health, quality of life, and safety. Previously we’ve covered EverSleep, a wearable for sleep improvement that tracks pulse rate, body motion, breathing rate, and blood oxygen levels. We also wrote about the Urbandroid Team‘s multifunction Sleep as Android app.

Helsinki-based Ōura‘s Ōura Ring tracks sleep and activity and gives a readiness score based on a healthy balance between the two. The ring’s integrated sensors capture 250 data samples per second and transmit that data to an app on an associated mobile device. Each day you can see your readiness score, a measure that includes previous day and night activity and rest, body temperature, recovery index, your two-week running sleep and activity balance, and resting heart rate. The app also provides personalized recommendations depending on your scores. The ring is made of scratch resistant, medical grade nickel-free Zirconia that the company states is 100% non-allergenic. The ring is waterproof to 164-feet and operates in a wide temperature range; you can wear it during a bath or shower or in a sauna as the upper limit is 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The Bluetooth Smart Class 2 transmitter functions approximately 1% of the time at an ultra low 1mW power level and a 60-minute charge powers the Ōura Ring for up to three days.

The Ōura Ring is available now for $299 to $499 depending on color.  The ring is available in white, mirror black, and stealth black in standard ring sizes from 6 to 13. When you order a ring, a sample kit is sent first to ensure correct sizing.